Monday, February 4, 2013

No Lambs Yet

Well we've made it through the weekend and still no lambs. The last time I checked was 4am so you never know what's going to happen later today. The ewes are just about out of feed (lots of hay still) so I have to swing by the feed store in Middleton or Coldbrook and grab some more. The weather has settled back into normal Winter weather. It's lightly snowing and just below freezing, maybe -3. There's little wind though which is very nice. I console myself with the lack of lambs by realizing that it's beautiful and serene to be the only person driving up and down our road at 4am and seeing the newly fallen snow. Also, every day is one day closer to having lambs. I checked my e-mails from the previous owner of my sheep indicating that by the 12th he was sure they were bred which means lambs should be born by Feb 4th, that's today. They can't stay inside there for ever. But at least while they are inside there is less work for me as a shepherdess besides checking on them regularly. I'm going to work a little in the barn today making some individual pens, stocking up the firewood, and maybe building myself a small cot to sit/sleep on, then no matter when the lambs come, I'll be ready. Hope you all have a good day.

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