Friday, April 12, 2013


Just when we thought Winter was gone, we've got plus 7 degree weather and a snow warning with freezing rain forecast for tonight. But then hopefully that's the last of it. Spring is definitely here and the bulbs are up, but Winter just won't quite let go.

Our lambs and sheep are loving the ability to get out of the barn and stretch their legs as are the hens. We also had our 4 piglets arrive last week and we're getting them settled and used to us. They're a little skittish but quickly overcome their fear when fed, lol.

The mobile home should be arriving int he next 10 days to be set up and then the renovations begin and on the 20th we're having a bunch of friends from church come out for a BBQ and to set fence posts so we can give the animals all a safer place to roam about. Oh it's so busy around here!

For the coming year we're looking at selling produce in the farmers market as well as a small stand at roadside. But we need a serious amount of tilling done first and a local farm friend is hopefully doing that as we speak. I've got lots of seeds just waiting for warmer weather and then the fun begins...weeding! We've got plans to put in lavender, flowers, vegetables, some new pasture, a greenhouse, some cover and winter crops to feed the livestock such as mangels and kale, and of course we still need a garden to feed our own family. It's going to be a lot of work but I'd like to see if I can make a little money from my gardening this year to pay off one of the big projects like drilling the well or putting in the septic system.

Greenwood Mall has a small indoor Farmers Market each Thursday afternoon that we're going to try out as soon as we can, which given the weather is going to be at least 4 weeks from now. We'll have salad greens, radishes and possibly some tomato transplants available then.

For now it's just a matter of trying to keep all the projects organized and the animals happy.

Love to you all!


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