Friday, August 23, 2013

Dietary Choices

 Many of you know that Steve is a Vegan and I am not. While our whole family eats a lot of veggies, some of us still love chicken and bacon. Among other tasty meat products. So I thought I'd give all you readers out there a chuckle by posting my rationalization for eating beef.

Do you think it's better to eat the grain or to feed it to cattle and then eat them? Food for thought :)

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  1. Hi Elizabeth.. It is great to hear your husband is a vegan :) Obviously eating the grain is better than feeding it to cattle and then eating the cattle.. Purely looking at an environmental aspect, the amount of natural resources needed and the amount of waste produced in animal farming makes it far less appealing choice... Of course from the ethical point of view, life is a life and as we do not need meat to live, then why? Lastly from a health point of view, much research has proven that animal products are not good for us anyways and if you can grow grains and pulses etc, then that surely is the better option.