Sunday, August 4, 2013

Forgiveness on a sunny Sunday

It's the August long weekend here in Canada and though it's not a Stat holiday in Nova Scotia, most people do in fact have Natal Day off work. So we have Steve home for an extra day! Yay! Hopefully we'll get lots of work done tomorrow. But as for today, we have lots of things to keep us busy from the animals, to helping our neighbours and meetings at Church. But one thing I'd like to share with you, since I'm trying to get back in the habit of sharing a spiritual message on Sundays, is how important it is to forgive people who wrong us.

No matter how wonderful and charitable we are, there are always going to be people in this world that hurt us. Some do it deliberately but many times it's unintentional. When we carry around the hurt feelings and the anger we're not doing anything against those who wronged us, we're just bringing ourselves down. So I'd like to encourage you to let it go. Let go of the frustration and hurt. Just learn the lesson and move one. It's a happier way to live your life, and I promise you that if you forgive others you'll feel better about yourself too.


  1. A very timely lesson for me. Thanks for posting. Love your blog, seems like we have a lot of similarities. We moved to Nova Scotia from BC as well, with the same idea in mind. Nice to see its working out for you. It is for us as well, we LOVE it here. Good luck. You can visit me at my blog,