Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Baby Turkeys!

We got our new turkeys this afternoon and the adorable little guys and gals are in a brooder where they are warm and have free access to food and water. They will still need to be under heat until they are feathered out and have enough body fat to stay warm on their own, so maybe another month or so.

We have a few Beltsville White and two dozen Broad Breasted Bronze crosses so next year we'll hopefully be able to breed our own turkeys and spread the love for these fun and beautiful birds. They are smarter than their big meaty cousins and we've found they are healthier too. Here's what they'll look like in a few months.

 Ours will be out running on pasture with access to the barn for food all day. At night they'll be locked safely inside and have the use of natural perches. I'll be sure to take some pics as they grow. 

Well I've got to go check on them and then get some sleep. Have a good night everyone.

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