Friday, July 26, 2013

Free Chicken Feet Anyone?

Here's a funny pic and tweet I saw today. Oh my goodness, how amazingly far removed people are from the food they eat. I thought it was funny...and another lady was 'horrified'. Anyways, here's the pic.

But the very best part really is the response of twitter readers who realize that this is an over-reaction to say the least. This 'News' story actually made it around the globe and makes you wonder what the world is coming to when Monsanto can hire a private army and it's hushed, people die from war and disease or poverty all over the planet and yet a piece of chicken in a packet of chicken makes International headlines. this is such a 'First World' problem. Like breaking a nail or fighting with your teenager about what clothes to wear, or the temperature that we want the house kept at. Such frivolous things in comparison to wondering how you are going to eat tomorrow and keep a roof over your head. I count my blessings that I have a safe home and loving family. I may not have everything I would like but I'm doing pretty darn well!

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