Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Building, Painting, Scrubbing

Here we are now into July and I haven't written a single word for months! I will now slap myself on the wrist as I'm sure many of you would like to do, lol.

Here's where we're at. The mobile home is on site at the farm and it's basically stripped on the inside (which is how we bought it). We're scrubbing it all out and then painting the walls and ceilings so we at least have a fresh canvas to start with as it were. The girls have decided that they will paint one wall light green (picture green grapes) and the opposing wall lavender. I'm not sold on the idea but I did manage to find some fabric for curtains that will allow them to at least pretend to coordinate, lol.  Anything is an improvement on a bad maroon paint job with forest green blinds.

William and Jordan decided on a light blue colour for their north east facing rooms and due to the special super durable paint we got it took a lot of experimenting in the paint store before we decided on the right shade. It's now officially named 'WillyBee Blue' in the computer. All the prep work is done, the base coat is finished, and as soon as a bad patch of wall panel is replaced I'm ready to put the final coat on. I expect there will be enough paint leftover to also paint the bathrooms. Some of our paint is recycled paint from LOOP, a Canadian company, and so far no complaints, and the rest is Scuff-Proof from Home Hardware. I don't know if they all carry it but it's very durable and scrubbable paint in a farmhouse is a big plus in my opinion. Especially with my children :)

It's a struggle to spend money wisely when renovating and our paint choices reflect that. We were able to buy our Scuff Proof for $25 per can instead of the usual $60 and LOOP paint at WalMart retails for under $16 per gallon. Sure it's only got limited colours, but since I was using it for ceilings (white) and as primer over maroon pretty much any colour would do. Their Butter colour also looks nice so I'm doing that for my living room. We'll see how it all turn out and if I want something different then no problem, I'll just re-paint!

The floor plans for the mobile additions are done and submitted to the County Building Officer for his approval, we should hear this week and then construction can begin! We have a plan for the cabinets we'll build in the kitchen and I hope that by the end of the week we will have at least the girls room finished and can move furniture in there, it'll give us some more room to work in the shed :)

I'll get some pics for you tomorrow and add them. For right now I have to get going, the boys are going to youth camp tomorrow and are busy doing laundry and packing. William starts his new job tomorrow and due to the cancellation of the Military doing Basic Training, Chris is looking for work again. Looong story, better left for tomorrow.

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