Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Why Be Self-Sufficient? Why Farm in Nova Scotia?

People all over the western world are leaving cities and opting for a quieter and simpler life in the countryside with a few acres and a dream of financial and food independence. It's true, and it's been happening for years. Back in the 70's it was the Hippies, then the 'back to the land-ers' followed by the modern versions of both. And here we are, in 2013 doing the same thing. Do I hate shopping at the grocery store? NO!! They sell chocolate! But would I rather raise my own food and trade with my friends and neighbours, of course yes. Not only for the health benefits but also because of the food security and financial savings. No physical savings though :)

So I'm wondering this:

What would happen if one meal you eat each week was raised in your own backyard? Just one meal. Hey everyone has to start somewhere.

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  1. yay! great suggestion!!
    keep up the good work!!