Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Ram of Many Names

Our ram is lovely.  He's an interesting guy with his long ringlets and his bright eyes and of course he's a large breed sheep so he stand out above his ladies. But  he's got an interesting heritage too, being a rather rare Black Cotswold. I'll get some close-ups of his fleece in the spring before shearing. It also seems that everyone has a different name for our ram. His popular name if John David, he's got his registered name, I call him mutton chops because of his side whiskers, William calls him Tyrone because he's black and has an afro. LOL

One of the programs I watch on the computer is Countryfile on the BBC. The most recent edition of Adam's Farm, a segment of this show, talks a little about the importance of the wool industry in Pre-Victorian Britain and how it shaped the countryside and society as a whole. The profits of wool paid for lavish churches, the building of hospitals and schools, and of course family fortunes. Today however cheaper fabrics like cotton and polyester dominate the market for cloth so wool isn't worth anywhere near what it used to be. That doesn't mean this fibre should be ignored though and so small producers like myself team up with the spinners and weavers in our communities to make sure that the fibre arts stay alive and well.

Anyways, it's a 10 minute segment and I hope you like it.

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