Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wet and Warm Winter

We've had near record snowfalls early this winter and now the grass is showing as it's warmed up and melting all the snow. Not really good for us as the house we're renting keeps flooding and it's wrecking lots of our stuff :(  But what can you do? Pray for a freeze up again? No, I'm just waiting for Spring to arrive and coat the valley with the sweet smell of apple blossoms.

My barley grass experiment has worked so now we're deciding the best way to grow a continuous supply just as a fresh vitamin supplement for our livestock in the depths of winter. All we did was soak whole barley from the feed store for 12 hours then put it about 1/8 inch thick in a seed starting tray and leave it in the dark. We rinsed it twice a day with plain water and drained it right away. Once it began to sprout we moved it out into the sunshine inside our patio door, watered once daily and voila! Grass in 7-10 days! No chemicals or fertilizers needed. Pics to follow in the morning. Time for sleep now.

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