Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sometimes it seems Spring will never come.

This time of year sees farmers itching to get back out into our fields. Gardeners feel the same way too. We get teased by spells of warmer drier weather only to be then sent packing by wind and snow that ices everything over again and reminds us that Winter rules for several weeks yet. The animals can't go outside not because it's so cold, but because it's so muddy. Their feet would quickly churn the fields into a muddy mess and there's nothing much for them to nibble anyways. So we're all stuck inside for a little bit longer. We have snow in the forecast again for tomorrow so today's a good day to bring in some more firewood and have some bales of hay ready for the sheep over the next few days. Hard weather is much easier to deal with if you're prepared. Good clothing for working outside and an easily accessed food source for your animals is important.

We're now at that time of year when the day length is increasing faster and the added day length is so wonderful in cheering everyone up. Many people are thinking about starting their seeds now and getting a jump on the season. And others are planning their crops for the coming year. There are always things that need to be done in the winter such as pruning fruits and mending fences so farmers certainly don't sit around all day. Unless you're our son Jordan. He fell on some ice on our neighbours driveway last week and broke his leg and ankle so he's had surgery and is now laid up for several weeks. Poor guy, he's mad about missing the rugby season and is hoping he'll be able to play for the last few weeks if he's lucky.

We're getting the last of the plans made for the community garden and then once the snow is cleared in March and the ground has dried enough we'll be out plowing and rototilling to get it all ready for our gardens in April/May. It's going to be a fantastic year! Let us know if you're interested in a garden plot, we still have a couple of larger ones available and some 10x10's too. Perfect for a small family or a single person, or even to grow and donate the veggies to the community.

6 weeks until Spring!

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