Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Famous Canadian Blogger

I was reading through the comments section of my blog this afternoon and there are a couple of recurring themes besides the whole 'please check out my website' requests. The first one is 'thanks for giving me some new ideas to think about' and the second one is 'this was great, you must be a really famous blogger'.

To which I have these replies:

1. You're welcome! I like to explore and study new things and having a blog just gives me an excuse to write about them and have a place I can look them up again. It's sort of like my good idea filing system.

2. Thanks, and no I'm not famous, lol. This is possibly the least read blog in Nova Scotia or Canada. And actually a good portion of my readers are international which is terrific. I guess people like it because my writing style is what I'd call conversational and is pretty much the way I speak in everyday life. You can just ask my friends. I like it. I don't know if that makes it more or less entertaining to read but it works for me. I'm not likely to ever be a famous blogger as I'm writing about family, farm, and community life and not something exciting like famous people, sex, money or music. But that's ok. If you get even one useful tip from reading my blog then I'm happy to have helped.

So thanks for reading and hanging out with me on the internet. I know I'm just a little blog in an ocean of online media, but I appreciate the more than 200,000 page views and hope that you'll stick with me as we get moved onto the farm full-time and the adventures continue!

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