Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Simple Solutions - Often the Best

People often marvel at our family and the way we're able to make things work, make do, build things ourselves, all with little money. Well it's partly because we want to be that way, partly because Stephen is a handyman genius, and partly because we cannot afford to do it any other way. Yes we have a 2 bedroom mobile home. Yes we have 5 teenagers still at home. Yes, we realize that's not enough room for everyone...yet. That's why we're building the additions one at a time as money allows. But we've also got to do the boring stuff like feed and clothe everyone, keep the car running so Steve can work, feed the animals, pay the bills and rent until we get moved. Money is tight as you can imagine. We've got a plan and we're working towards it and getting closer all the time. There's a balance between having good quality tools to make work easier and having only those things that we need. Why own 50 gardening tools if all you really need are the basic 6?

One thing we're really trying to do is raise our family while incurring as little debt as possible. It's tougher than you might imagine. No credit cards. No big house mortgage (just one on our land). A small line of credit for development of our land such as putting in the well. Everything costs money it seems, especially when you're starting from scratch. But we're getting there. Once the kids move out it should be a little easier but for now we just do what we can.  Two down and five more to go :)

Our house, buildings, fences and farm may not be fancy but they're ours and they're functional. 

There's something special about an item that's perfectly designed for it's purpose. 

Simple can be beautiful!

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