Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Looking for the bright side

Here we are in March. Spring in the rest of the world but not here in Canada. Many years we have warming Spring sunshine over wet and muddy fields that gives us a promise of things to come. Not this year. The Weather Network, yes in Canada we have a whole tv channel dedicated to weather (very Canadian), just issued their Spring forecast and it's not looking good for growers or people trying to put in a septic system. The prediction generally is that it's going to be mid April before any consistent Spring weather arrives. So I better get cracking on building a greenhouse for my seedlings because they're not going outside any time in the near future, not even for day trips. This morning was -20. BRRR!!

It does make for some lovely sunsets though and when it's crisp and clear the stars are amazing in the sky with Orion clearly visible and the big dipper turned around on it's end. It's worth taking a minute to appreciate the amazing sights that nature gives us even in the coldest weather. When we lived in rural northern Alberta we'd lie outside in January in -40 weather with our winter gear on and a sleeping bag and watch the northern lights or aurora borealis. Amazing some nights.

Here's a pic of yesterdays sunset at our rental house. And here's the link to the Weather Network's Spring Forecast for 2014 for Atlantic Canada.

I'm going out to tap a maple tree and get firewood for a few more weeks supply. Hope you're all staying warm and dreaming of your summer projects. 

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