Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beautiful Canada - Photography and Beavers

One of the most amazing things about Canada is without a doubt it's natural beauty and the variety of landscapes from verdant forests, to rocky shorelines to rolling prairie. From the warm hazy summer evenings to the cold deep frozen winter nights. Now I'm not much of a photographer but I admire those who can take pictures that evoke emotion, to me a photograph can be as artistic as the finest oil painting. And in our family we're lucky because my soon to be brother-in-law is a photographer among other things. He's just launched a new website at if you'd be interested in having a look. And if you're looking for a photographer in the Comox Valley, he's your guy!  I'll write more about his work at a later date but I just wanted to give him a shout out for taking an incredible series of shots for yesterdays eclipse and for allowing me to post it. Thanks Ash!

I also found a video that shows a small family of beavers repairing their dam during a warmer spell in Calgary this winter. Watching them work makes me think of Chris and Steve just working away getting their stuff done. Today is turning out to be a bit wet and wouldn't you know it, it's Chris' one day to help me with chores. But he'll move wood and haul stuff for me like a champ.

We had another lamb born last night, just a single and it's nice and healthy. So we're up to 6 lambs for the year which is a nice number and we know our ram is working. I'm doing the night shift so I'll go check on them all shortly. It's 5:30 am and I'm not needed here at the house until 7 so it's a nice quiet time to check on the mums and babies. As soon as NS Power has us hooked up I can turn them back out into their small field but for now they're indoors staying dry. I have to get them all moved ASAP though so that we can use the shed for it's original purpose which was storing our boxes.

We may have been lucky enough to find a composting toilet, a Sun Mar model, which would be brilliant. It has a fan and dries everything out so because of the continuous venting there's no smell indoors. And with us living on the farm I doubt there will be a noticeable smell outdoors either. They're great but usually very expensive so if we can get this one it will be fantastic and SO useful. Much more so than an outhouse or porta-potti. And to extend the capacity of it I'm going to ask the boys to simply pee on the compost pile I think.  :)  Anyways wish me luck getting it.

Have a wonderful week! And a very happy Easter to all our Christian friends.

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