Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Water Water Everywhere

Steve and I spent the long weekend getting a ton of work done at the farm, particularly getting the pump hooked up between the well and the house. It still needs a little tweaking and I need to run water a little more to clear it because when we started the taps for the first time the water came out looking like coffee. Ew! But as it runs it's getting clearer. Thank goodness.

The kitchen walls are done and I'm working on finishing the living room so that we can get some of the furniture moved in this week. Of course the place isn't finished yet but we'll make do. Steve and I will be sleeping in the living room, Chris is outside in his caravan, the girls are sharing a room as are Jordan and Will for a few weeks. Or maybe a month or two. But at least we'll have hot and cold running water, a composting toilet and power.

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