Monday, May 12, 2014

Mothers Day

Yesterday was Mothers Day in Canada. And here at the farm it was a reasonably productive day. We started out with breakfast in bed for me consisting of a fried egg sandwich, a toasted bagel and juice. Yum :)  The we were off to church for the remainder of the morning. After we came home and had lunch we decided to take advantage of the good dry weather to get some planting done and  William had fun on the little garden tractor. He got 2 furrows plowed and he and Jordan got about 200 feet of potatoes planted. We planted Superior because they're supposed to make really good new potatoes for summer eating. I can't wait and I'm sure they'll be good for our market stand too. The girls and I planted at the other end of the garden where it's a little rockier on our more sloped area. We put in 75 strawberry plants, 20 raspberry canes, a black currant bush and a rhubarb plant. We still have to get the remaining strawberries in and the apple trees too but since it's dawned cool and damp this morning I'm thinking we'll wait until it's dry again tomorrow. Besides, I have enough work to do indoors and I'd like to get the rest of the garden planting written down so I can stay a bit more organized this year. If it warms up then maybe I'll get the boys out into the old pig pen with the tractor to pick rocks and then give it a dig over. It'll make a great greenhouse area for tomatoes in summer and lettuces in the cold weather.

Steve and the boys got the inside fence of my garden changed over from electric to wire mesh because the electric just wasn't working to keep the animals out. Last year the pigs ate all our potatoes and the sheep are reasonably insulated against the shocks so that's not good either. So far the mesh fence is working, but only as long as the gate stays closed. Chris came home late from the drive-in movies, parked his truck on the driveway and then went to bed. We awoke this morning to honking because our sheep had gone exploring on the road and were nextdoor eating the grass at the churchyard again. I got them back with a bucket of grain and shut the main gate, but I'm thinking I'll have to come up with a way of fencing the sheep on the back of the property so this isn't an issue. When we have WWOOFers come this year I'm thinking fencing will be a priority. It's be nice to have an area around the house that's animal free so I can plant flowers and walk around without needing boots.

Hope you are all having a good growing season so far.

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