Sunday, June 15, 2014

Misty Weekend

We're getting so much done with our wwoofers it's great. And we're having a great time too. After getting sunburn yesterday we're spending a couple of hours this afternoon tidying up the yard and getting rid of some junk. Meghan and Markus are out breaking up old furniture that's no good and getting it ready for the fire. Meghan's calling it the 'German Smash'. It's a misty rainy afternoon so they're keeping busy still which is good because it's too wet to work in the garden.
Caely and Steve are fencing which they seem to have been doing a lot recently. My small garden is now almost fenced and chicken proof which will be nice because I only want them in there to get bugs on my terms, not to dig up my seeds and make a dust bath in the middle of the pea patch. We re-did the main fence across our pasture so now theoretically the sheep will stay in their place. And soon I'll actually have a front yard too which will be great.

The cabin is as done as it's going to get right now. Over the winter I'll cover the joints with wood trim. It's pretty squished in there but hopefully it's comfortable enough. Markus and Caely are super polite and nice so I'm not sure they'd say something anyways. I hope they would though. They really are a great help. It seems like they've been here for ages and it's only been a week. I'm going to miss having them around when they leave.

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