Saturday, June 7, 2014

Weekend Showers

Well we're back safely from the city. We drove the boys to a dance last night and arrived home after 1pm only to get into bed and listen to the mournful bleating of a lamb. After I couldn't stand it I found a flashlight and went out into the rain to investigate. And there he was, running around and making a racket inside the Wwoofers cabin. I got him over the fence but the other sheep came running over and got out so William and I were rounding up sheep at 2am in the rain. Not so much fun when you're tired. This morning they were out again and we've now got half the flock in the front field and the other half in the back field. Time to get the fence finished once and for all. It's another wet day which is good because the ground's had a nice deep soaking and already the grass and trees are looking perkier. Most of the damage done by the hard freeze a couple of weeks ago has been fixed except for my poor fuschia which took a nasty hit. But the trees are leafed out now and it's definitely Spring/Summer.

So what are we upto? I've got a whole list of stuff to plant but first we're finishing off the roof on the wwoofers bathroom and painting the ceilings and walls. It's a lot of work but once it's done then we can move on to other projects. Caely and Markus arrive next week so it's a bit of a priority to get it all finished before Steve leaves on Monday morning again. It's supposed to be showery today but nice tomorrow so if it's dry enough I can finish the painting and have everything done.

I'll get some pics later and give you an update.

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