Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fruitcake and Carols

  Yesterday evening the kids and I piled into the car and headed down to The Heart of The Valley which is a long-term care facility (nursing home) in Middleton. We met up with a couple of dozen adults and kids from church and went to the various wings singing in our joyous but non-professional way and we spent a little extra time with Ethel who is a member of our congregation but has not been able to attend for many years. She's such a cute lady and loves her visits and having the children around. We had an age range there from Mazey who is a few weeks old to our own seniors in their 60s. The teenagers (ok my teenagers) were instructed to help coral the little ones who sometimes take off and it all worked out really well. Everyone had a good time and we enjoyed some cookies made by our girls youth group (called Young Women).  I always take the kids out for hot chocolate too but this year we got frozen lemonade instead.

   Kate woke me up early this morning to help with baking. She is doing a fundraiser for CAPS which I think stands for Companion Animal Protection Society. She and two other classmates are doing a bake sale outside a grocery store this afternoon so we are baking giant cinnamon buns and snicker doodles to sell. The buns are out of the oven now and so the house smells divine. I will pick her up at school after lunch and we'll go to the bake sale.

   While the kids are at school I'm going to get some fruitcake made. Normally I'd have done this in November but time didn't allow so today it is. It still gives me time to brush it down at least three times before giving as gifts or eating it. That's the torture of fruit cake, it's best eaten after brushing with alcohol for a few weeks to get the moist dark cake but it's so good you just want to eat it now.

   Anyways I have my Grand Marnier now so today is the day! I took a photo of my bottle and my husband mentioned that it looks like I bought a five gallon jug, lol. Perspective changes everything! It's a 200ml bottle. That's all I need for my baking as I don't drink. But I thought I'd show you the pics for a chuckle. Don't worry, I had just gotten home and lit the stove do its not hot at all. Have a wonderful day everyone. The weather today is wet and windy so I'm happy to stay home where it's warm and dry. 

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