Monday, January 2, 2017

New Beginnings 2017

Here, as promised, is our new logo. Happy New Year!

Plans are underway for expansion of the nursery and greenhouses so that entails not only extra supplies which will make Kerwin, my local Co-Op feed supplier happy, but also means it's barely the new year and already the seed catalogues have been out on the table for a couple of weeks and I've arranged my apple and sweet potatoe orders already. Next it's a seed order from West Coast Seeds and arranging to buy fruit bushes and trees. It seems odd to many people that so much work and planning happen at what is essentially the beginning of our worst winter weather, but we want to be able to get the varieties we want before everyone else orders them, and we need seeds on hand along with soil, pots, fertilizer so we are ready to get going in February and March. In order to have produce ready for May we're starting things 60-90 days ahead, and the timing for bedding plants varies too so we get our calendar and work backwards from the date we need either seedlings or plants for harvest. 

Another change this year is that veggie boxes will be available for pickup at the farmers markets we attend, at our farm stand and for local delivery. No CSA this year per se. Instead you can order ahead but you'll just meet me at the market and pay me on the day of delivery. I think many customers will find that easier than coming up with the money in advance and we will be at several markets so we're easy to find. 

Also available will be a beautiful and eclectic mix of garden art from myself and my mums at Prairie Wind Creations. Stained glass, garden whorls, wind chimes, I'll post pics but I encourage you to like and follow us both on Facebook and watch for giveaways and other prize packs as the nursery season begins in April, weather depending. The only thing better than getting something you love, is getting it for free!

Well, that's all for this week folks. May you have a delicious, happy, productive and love filled 2017.

All our best wishes,   Elizabeth, Stephen & Family

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