Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Down & Up Again

The snow came down, our main green house came down because of it, and spirits went down as a result. But not for long. Steve quickly got to work assessing the damage and shovelling the snow off. He made sure the contents (equipment & resident chickens) were okay and then started coming up with plans for repairs. It looks like the metal frames are pretty much toast at this point except for the end walls. We can still salvage some of it though. And hopefully the plastic is fixable with the application of lots of clear UV resistant tape. The other greenhouse structures have wooden frames with more steeply pitched rooflines so they shed snow really well. It's definitely a design we'll keep using. For now though the planning continues for the 2017 growing year, new markets and further growth of the farm. Today is sunny and we've warmed from -19 Celsius to +1. Yay! All the cats are camped out on windowsills snoozing in pools of sunlight. I know how they feel. The sunshine makes me feel all warm and happy too.

Hope your new year is great so far. 

The Faires

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  1. I am thankful for that as well. Walking in the woods in the dog park is painful The mosquitoes eat me up. I like the snow but not the bitter cold. Glad we have 4 seasons though.