Sunday, April 25, 2010

Planting underway

Yesterday saw the planting of the rhubarb crowns we picked up at the 4H auction and also about 50 strawberries. I'm going to plant the other strawberries in a different spot to see where they do better. Today we are planting out more peas, potatoes, corn (yes I know it's too early yet) and about 70 raspberries. We also have to plant a fig, 2 grapes and a cute little cox's orange pippin apple tree. Well, it's more of a whip than a tree but it'll grow. We're amending the soil as we plant rather than broadcasting and as we need nitrogen and potash (our phosphorous level is good) we are using kelp meal and canola meal sprinkled on the soil. We also have a lovely seaweed based fertilizer for use during the season too. It's not much more expensive to go organic as far as fertilizer is concerned, just more labour intensive.

We have some new additions to the menagerie. 4 Brahma chicks (our favourite chicken breed) arrived yesterday so I just put them in with the Americauna chicks, they're all about the same age. They're going to need a bigger box pretty soon so that's a project for later today.

We also have a beautiful Tamworth piglet named Digs after our grandson Diego. He managed to escape his cozy stable the very first hour he was here but is happily wandering around the cow field an in the byre with them. I shut the cows in separately last night and left his food down and his door open so I'm hoping he'll go in to eat. At least I'll feel better knowing he's eaten. We are getting a couple of Yorkshire White piglets today so I think they'll attract him back from the "wild" and give him some company. I think it will take a gentle touch and some yummy food for him to warm up to us but that's ok, we have some time. And pigs are by and large a very friendly and sociable lot so I'll keep you posted.

I have to run. Church today and then out into the garden for planting.

Looks like our CSA is full unless there is a cancellation so 'Welcome' to our new friends. It's going to be a great year! Check back soon to see what we're up to.


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