Saturday, March 5, 2011

Still flogging my wares.

Yes, we have about 250lbs of delicious Berkshire Pork all cut and wrapped and available for $5 lb delivered to your door. If you live in Victoria we deliver every other Saturday and did you know that we're within 100 miles of you so if you're looking to keep to the 100 mile diet then it's all good! Plus we combine deliveries with visits to the Grandparents house so it's more efficient time and gas wise.

Happy Saturday! We've got a bit of a busy day. Meghan and Kate had a friend sleep over and they've placed an order for some of our own bacon and also 1000 pieces of french toast and syrup for breakfast. I'm thinking that I'll just make it until I run out of bread which should be at about 30 slices and they'll just have to deal with it. :)

Going to look at another mobile this morning in Nanaimo. Rent is reasonable, about $1000 per month but it's tucked away a bit and has a huge treed yard.

Today should see the completion of the work trailer if all goes as planned. And if I let him just get on with it. The walls are essentially done, the fiddly wheel wells are done so now it's a matter of wiring the lights and brakes and then putting on the roof and doors and Voila! One 7x12 covered utility trailer/office. As soon as it warms up above 10 degrees we can paint it too. I think if it gets close temp. wise we'll just put a heater on inside the trailer to warm the walls and paint anyways.

Next the tent trailer. Right now I have nowhere dry to work so as soon as it quits snowing/raining we will be popping it up to measure the pieces. Since we do not have a sewing machine that has the clearance for sewing huge pieces of fabric I'm going to glue and roll the seams and sew the edges only where possible. The budget for the whole project is $750. I spent $150 buying the trailer and having it delivered. Of that $750 the budget for re-doing the walls is $250 and so far I've spent $130 on materials. Before I'm done I will need some lino, 2 mattresses, and a can of paint for the cupboards because they have gotten wet and swollen right out of their laminate. They're in ok shape though so I don't think they need replacing. I'll inspect further once I get to that point. The appliances need a clean and Steve is going to leak test the gas lines for me but all appears fine with them. We'll check the water services and sanitize and flush the tank too.

I met a new friend online. She lives in Nova Scotia, Canada in the Annapolis Valley and has a really interesting blog. Of particular interest is the section she is developing right now about .moving to Nova Scotia. Lots of great info and links so you can find out all the practical things from midwives to car insurance to places with the most fog. You should check it out! Just click on the links above and enjoy!

Well I'm off to feed animals, look at a place to rent, make breakfast for the horde, go shopping in town, take the horde swimming, and then come home so we can begin work.

Hope you're all having a great day.



  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog. I hope the move goes smoothly for you.

  2. It all went reasonably smoothly I guess. Boy do I hate moving though. We're settled into our little home on the beach. Well, it's actually our ancient RV in a sand riding ring, but it's basically like the beach without waves. I've gotta pick up kids at school and then I'll send you a nice ling e-mail.