Friday, March 4, 2011

Updating the blogs and sites

I'm spending a few minutes today re-doing the blogs (this one and Nova Appliance) a bit and catching up on what's going on in the world.

Hi World.

Laundry is washing too so I've got a goal to get 3 more boxes, tubs or bags or stuff laundered, sorted into either sell, burn or keep piles and re-packing the keep stuff or putting it into circulation. That should keep me busy for a bit. Also on the agenda....sort out one drawer in my dresser. Yes you heard me right, only 1 drawer. I'll see if Steve will do one of his and then we'll be on our way to having it sorted out by the end of the weekend. I'd also like to get 2 boxes from the storage area of our bedroom (piled against one wall) unpacked and sorted out into either keep and re-pack or sell. It's that simple. Garbage obviously goes out and there is no 'Maybe' pile, not today.

The pig barn is shoveled and manure relocated to a neighbours farm for use on his grape vines. Since we're moving and cannot use it I'm happy to see someone else get the benefit of it. His truck did get mired down so it was a fun family moment of getting the truck and trailer up out of the mud and back onto solid ground.

Since it's Date Night (Friday) I am planning something fun. Not exactly sure what yet since the kids are having a sleepover, but maybe dinner in bed with a movie and pizza for the kids. Anything other than pork!

We still have lots for sale so let us know if you'd like some.

So to review. The work for this afternoon is:

A. unpack, wash, sort and re-pack 3 bags/tubs of clothing/linens from the pile.
B. sort out 1 drawer in the dresser
C. unpack and sort 2 bedroom boxes

I'm writing this all down so that I'm accountable to someone. Thanks for helping me to de-clutter. I'll let you know how it goes.

Met a new friend online who lives in Nova Scotia so now we're giving some serious thought to the Annapolis Valley region. She's been very helpful answering all those weird little questions that come up and it's so hard to find the answers for online.

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