Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Pumpkins Are Attacking!

Yes, the end of summer is upon us and so the pumpkins are putting on a lot of growth in both gardens with some vines reaching close to 25 feet, it's crazy! As the weather cools and Autumn comes upon us the leaves will yellow and die and the fruits will turn from dark green to their ripe orange colour ready for pies, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations. I love pumpkins and squashes, they're so easy to grow and can be prolific, especially zucchini. Luckily for us, we love them all and eat them regularly as both veggies and dessert.

We broke ground at the property today. Well, we officially started our first project, leveling the ridge along the roadside so we can drive in without scraping the undercarriage over a gravel hump. Chris also used the mower to cut me a couple of lines for the fence so that we can fence off a small area for sheep. We left the posts there as it was dark and will return tomorrow to do the hard work of pounding the posts 18 inches into the ground. Once the posts are in it's just a matter of attaching the fencing wire. Sounds like it will be cooler and wet tomorrow so we'll not have to worry about sunburn. Wish us luck!

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