Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sheepish Pictures

Looks like they swallowed basketballs!

Rideau ewes eating hay with Freckles in the middle
 The sheep side of the barn. Here are a few pics of my lovely old ewes, hopefully taken just days before they lamb. Hear that girls? Any day would be nice, except we're in for another belting of snow and cold weather. Brrr! It's cold for the next few days and so keeping the water liquid and keeping out of the wind are the priorities. They've got loads of hay to munch and pellets for that added boost they all need this close to lambing. We switched to a sheep mash which it turns out they don't like (we switched because the feed store ran out of ewe pellets) but now we're back to pellets again and will keep the mash for the lambs to nibble when they're older.
The ewe in the back is  named Sweetpea, she's our friendliest ewe. That's Ram-bo in the front and she was named that because she's our most annoying ewe, always bumping the others around and she's the one I'm not certain is pregnant, maybe just a single.

Jordan, son/barn slave. Doesn't he look impressed to have his pic taken?
And here is my supply room looking the worse for wear. Time for a good tidy up again before I light that wood stove. In the spring once we're past the freezing weather I'll grind and polish this lovely old thing but for now it's function over beauty. The walls are just lined with plastic to cut down any draft and that ugly chunk of metal acts as a heat shield. The stove looks big but it's actually only about 16 inches across, it's a tiny room and a tiny stove, and it's time for a tidy up!
 Food and herbal tea. Just in case of a night lambing it's good to have a kettle and some munchies on hand. I've got a small pot and a couple of dishes so it's like camping really. I still don't have a bed or bench out there but hopefully that will be built today. I can always sleep in the hay in the meantime. -26 with the windchill today and tonight so staying out of the wind is a big priority for me and for the sheep too. I'm very happy Steve got the end walls finished and the soffits done.

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  1. Greetings from Montreal, Quebec. You have a really nice blog; love the photos.