Monday, June 8, 2015

Emergency Sale of Sheep

A farming friend of ours is in a real jam. Her husband suffered a traumatic injury that required him being airlifted in to VG Hospital and he's still in the ICU. Consequently she needs to sell her small, healthy flock of sheep as quickly as possible because she's driving into the city every day to the hospital and will have to provide home care at some point too. She can handle the poultry no problem but the sheep are needing a new home ASAP.

She has 4 lovely sheep.  Two north country ewes, a mix breed ewe and a North Country/Isle de France ram all two years old (just), not yet sheared yet due to the wet weather.

Photo is
of them having walked over the fences to steal from a round bale in March. Big meaty sheep who have thrown big butted lambs which is why the Isle de France makes such a good ram or terminal sire for those in the know. The north country cross adds a lot of hardiness to the lambs too, making them perfect for our rugged climate here in the Maritimes.

Located in Hillsvale, NS near Rawdon so it's pretty central to a lot of people in the city and the Valley. She would like $800 and they're definitely worth it. The ram is worth more than half that amount I'd think. This pic taken in March is them munching in the yard. I'd definitely recommend their farm as having happy healthy animals so I'd have no problems at all buying from them. I simply lack the cash, and thought I'd offer you guys a great starter/booster pack for your flock. The sooner they can go to a new home the better because as you can imagine it'll be just that little bit less stress. So if you or anyone you know is looking for a starter flock or to add some new blood to a mixed flock and you want good meaty bums on your lambs, definitely email me directly at humblebeecanada at gmail dot com and I can give you more details or put you in touch with the owner directly.

Thanks everyone!


  1. Mot in thearker to purchase but can certainly lend a hand to help care for them in the interim. We have aheep if our own. We live in Hillsvale but have no idea who these folks are.

    1. Thanks so much for your kindness. If you'd please let me know your contact info I'll happily pass it along.

    2. Thank you farmgate... there are nly a few of us with sheep so unless you are Ellen I'm at a loss. I have been asked to keep the sheep and since I'm a big sap I am humping bales of hay and buckets of water... scraping out floors and moving meat chicks about, fun with a spinal injury but he's worth it and the price of meat... well.

      Thank you Elizabeth, I appreciate the effort... and my mystery neighbour ;)