Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We Dig Diggs!

Diggs is our new pig in case you were wondering. Named after or Grandson Diego (diggs). He's settled in quite happily with the cows and has his own stable for sleeping and he's made a cute little nest in his straw. He really is very clean too, no poop in his stable at all. We just go in there in the morning and find him buried in the straw with his ears sticking out and sometimes an exploratory nose. Having made it all sound like roses though...he escaped the very first day and spent his first night at large in our cow pasture. We found him sleeping in a pile of dry leaves (smart pig) at the end of the field. Now he's used to us a little more but still not totally comfortable with people. That'll change I'm sure.

Our piglet is a Tamworth boy but fixed so no breeding for us unfortunately. Tamworths are lovely medium sized ginger pigs and are a heritage breed. Their meat is very tasty and they are very healthy and robust pigs suited to being raised outdoors. And outdoors is in our opinion, the best place for a pig. He's got a nice dry place to sleep and if our luck holds he'll have a buddy or 4 soon.

I have to run into town to take kids to school but will write more later. Did I tell you we got our alpacas moved over from Karyn's place yesterday?


  1. Great blog you have here! It has been very inspirational! It's always been my dream to have a small hobby farm and be self sufficent, and to find someone else on Vancouver Island living the dream is amazing! I look forward to following your progress.



  2. Thanks Nick! Our progress should be interesting or at least entertaining :)