Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Boycott Monsanto - Really? Is that the answer?

Here's a question for you and it's a simple one. Do you support Monsanto, the undisputed leader in the GMO world. Do you? If you don't know about Monsanto then consider yourself blessed and believe me when I say that ignorance is bliss. But if you do know...how do we balance the need for greater food production to feed the world's growing population against the supposed evils of their 'Frankenseed'. That's my term, so don't get too upset.

We hear about boycotting companies and I'm not too sure how effective that actually is unless a large number of people are involved and talking about it on a daily basis to keep the idea in the general populations mind all the time. Besides, how would we know what companies to boycott? Most farmers in the US are now using Monsanto seed so does that mean you can't buy bread or flour? Or put gas in your tank containing ethanol from GMO corn? If you look through the list below you'll see that most breakfast cereal makers are there as are the big 2 soda makers Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Don't forget, it's corporations like those that own thousands of other restaurants and food labels. Almost every bite you eat in a day could come from one of these guys. So how would a boycott really work? Here's a list of non GMO foods.

I believe that it should be a basic human right to be able to grow food and save our own seeds to trade with others and to re-plant next year. That's the biggest beef I have with Monsanto at the moment...taking away peoples right to choose. Our heirloom, tried and tested varieties are vanishing at an alarming rate in favour of the mass produced and commercially grown. It's sad. What do you think we should do about this situation? I'm really interested to know.

UPDATE: See what Monsanto is up to now. Agent Orange resistant corn, oh boy! And they are losing the battle against the corn root worm that's becoming resistant very quickly. Check out the article on RT here. And if you have a little time you can watch this truly horrifying movie about Monsanto.


  1. we must keep supporting small farms who choose heirloom seeds and pasture raided meats.
    We are fortunate enough to grow most of our food on our farm and source what we can't grow from friends,we try very hard not to support GMO.

  2. I agree with your post and I do not buy certain brands due to the simple fact I remember Mona. owns them. Thanks for a list I can slip into my pocket.