Monday, September 10, 2012

Hurricane Leslie in Canada

Although it's now down graded to a tropical storm, Leslie continues to feed lots of moisture intot he weather systems stalled over the Maritime provinces here in Canada and have given us some torrential downpours in the last 2 days. Here in the Annapolis Valley the rivers are very high and so we're keeping kids and pets away from the water. Sarah, our black lab went for an unexpected swim today after crossing at her usual shallow spot and finding the water deeper than usual. But she's fine, she needed a bath anyways.

There are farmers fields flooded but it's not too bad. In low lying areas around dykes though it's another story. Check out this report for some good images of the flooding around Truro area. And good luck to those people in Newfoundland who will get the storm tomorrow. Around NS people are mopping up flooded basements, swamped cars and clearing debris off roads. I'm glad I live on high ground and it's one of the features of our property that it's got natural drainage. Just another reason why it's important to know your and in all seasons, so you can more safely site your house.

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