Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Noisy Wake Up Call

A gaggle of geese are flying overhead as I write this, honking and making quite a racket! It's a cool and misty morning but otherwise a clear day and looks like it's going to be another beautiful day. I hesitate to say the fall is coming, but the intense heat of summer is over and we are having much moderate temperatures now int he mid 20's during the day and into the mid teens at night. I love these temps because it's cooler and easier to sleep at night. A few leaves are turning on the trees but we'll start to notice more and more over the next few weeks.

We had a busy Labour Day long weekend. On Friday we went into the city for a BBQ and camped out at Steve's trailer so we could get an early start on Saturday morning. Saturday we were in a subdivision in Cole Harbour dismantling a shed. We found a cheap shed on Kijiji for $75 and had to take it all apart, load it onto the trailer, and drive it 2 hours home here to our new place. Next weekend we'll start putting it together.

Taking a shed apart and keeping the wood intact is a LOT of work, and the guys really sweated it out up there and worked well together. There were a few mishaps. Jordan got hit in the stomach by a piece of flying metal from hitting 2 hammers together (they were using one as a pry bar) and later Chris got hit by another piece of metal, but this one nicked a vein on the top of his wrist and made a terrible mess, blood everywhere! There was so much blood pumping out that we couldn't see how big the hole was and the plywood he was working on was covered, yuck! But being a wise mother I'd taken both my first aid kits so we were able to elevate his wrist and pack a pressure bandage on it right away. After resting for an hour I removed the bandage to check out the damage, washed his arm, and found only the tiniest hole about the size of a sesame seed that was already healed completely over. If I hadn't taken pics I doubt anyone would believe me that both he and I got covered in blood trying to bandage that thing. Boy, that guy can sure bleed!

Having our second best worker out of commission for a couple of hours (he later came back to work at half speed) really delayed us by a bit and so we missed the beach party in Port George with our church friends, but we're looking forward to making it up by having a family dance at the end of September with them. The shed will hopefully be standing at our new place this weekend, I might even get it painted and shingled again if I'm super lucky. It will be nice to have it ready for the sheep to move into when they get here. Fencing posts will go in the ground this week and be all ready for our new furry critters. Our first building will be up and first animals moved on.

We're making progress!

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