Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beautiful Family Home For Sale in Greenwood / Kingston, NS

This home is now available for even cheaper and immediate occupancy! Close to schools and a wonderful layout for a family. Check out the listing, under $300k!

Our very great friends, the Wolfs Family, have just received a late posting and so they're moving from Nova Scotia to Saskatchewan in 10-12 weeks. Consequently their beautiful 4 bedroom home is now on the market. It's priced at $319k although personally I think it's worth quite a bit more. SO if you're looking for a beautiful family home that is walking distance to schools and is in a lovely family neighbourhood, close to CFB Greenwood and all amenities in this lovely part of the Annapolis Valley,  check this out!


Justin, our realtor friend also has several other listings suitable for families moving to Nova Scotia. Good family neighbourhoods, nice comfortable homes, and Justin knows this area really well so he can give good honest and practical advice. He's a man with good morals and integrity, not a 'used car salesman' type realtor, so I highly recommend him. He's internet friendly and that really makes it easier if you need to arrange things long distance. So call Justin today and tell him Elizabeth sent you.

We're so sad that the Wolfs Family are possibly the nicest family you'll ever meet. If you have the great blessing to get to know them then your life will forever be changed for the good. We're going to miss them terribly but know that they'll be happy in Saskatchewan and their extended family will be so happy to have them closer to home. It's hard to live in the Maritimes when your other family live out west. But having said all this...we're still going to miss them. But we know one thing will always be true...

Friends For Life


  1. Hi Elizabeth, I can't seem to find a way to email you on your site. I'm not sure how much you can tell me on this, but my family and I are gearing up to do a similar cross country move this summer. I love reading your blog. I have recently been told that if you move without a job lined up you will not be able to claim your moving expenses for taxes. You seem to have been in a similar situation, just wondering what you can tell me, whether you were able to claim them, etc. Much appreciated!

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