Friday, May 15, 2015

Feels like Summer ... But it's not

I notice that with the long weekend here people are eager to be getting out and planting in their gardens. The garden centres are open at every store and flowers and veggies are all out on the racks. With the temperatures in the high teens every afternoon it's easy to feel like the long Winter is finally over and to get out there, but the reality is that if you're awake with me right now at 5am you'll see that we've a really heavy frost for the second day in a row. It might be 4 degrees in the Valley and on the shore, but here it's hovering right around freezing. Brrr! It's warm in the house, my lovely little thermometer says it's 15 degrees indoors and 9.6 in the greenhouse. Of course that's on the floor of the turkey pen inside the greenhouse. It's not terribly warm but it's 10 degrees warmer than outside! Here's the view at 5am this morning from my south facing bedroom window into the lean-to greenhouse. You can see the plants up on the shelf and the red glow from the turkeys heat lamp. The shelf provides some shading from the direct heat of the sun during the day so the turkeys don't get too hot and the heat from them keeps the plants happy at night. You can't see it but there are lots of tomato seedlings on the left hand side of the shelf just out of the frame and a shelf set against the house and under the window with some tubs on and I use it for storing tools and turkey feed.
Inside the Humblebee Farm Greenhouse at 5am May 15th

When I got home yesterday from meeting a friend I rinsed out the duck swamp aka. the recycled sand box, and re-filled it with fresh water. The ducks will go for a swim sometimes and it muddies the water terribly. I can't wait to get them a pond of their very own.  Here's a pic of the ducks. Mojo is looking to see if it's filled up yet.

Mojo: "Is it filled up yet mum?"
Well I've been awake since 3am and now it's a little after 6am and I'm finally feeling sleepy. The sun is coming up over the hill behind me because I can see the golden glow on the trees opposite. The kids are stirring, maybe I can get an hour of sleep before I have to get up and drive my friend to her ultrasound appointment. Wish me luck!

I've got lots of planting and potting to do today, I'll try and take some pics. But there's still so much clean-up after this past Winter. It seems never ending.

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