Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Popcorn Popping on the Apple Trees

'I looked out my window and what did I see? Popcorn popping on the apricot tree.'  Those are the opening lines to a childrens song we sing at church fairly often. But it's true that I've been watching the apple trees here at the farm and they're all suddenly opening. The cool morning air is filled with the delicious scent and the trees really do look like they're covered in pale pink popcorn. Our new bees should be here any day and they're going to love the boost of nectar and pollen I'm sure. We had a rather wet day yesterday so now the dandelions will be out blooming in full force, a pain to gardeners who hate them but of course we keep bees so we love them :)

Today is going to be warm so we'll be out int he greenhouse and in the garden while it's still cool and get some more re-potting done and also see about getting some main crops into the ground. Peas, potatoes and salad greens along with radishes are the order of the day. Plus of course the prerequisite bug repellent. Oh my goodness the black fly are horrible! Everyone is saying it's the worst year they can remember. I think maybe it's just because the flies all hatched at once instead of being spread out over the past few weeks. Either way I can't wait for their season to be over and for the mozzies which are much easier to repel.

The next 3 weeks will see the majority of our crops started. Getting everything planted takes time but then the daily maintenance is what you really have to keep up on. Weeding, hoeing, hilling up potatoes. If you don't do those then your crops have a harder time because they're competing with them for moisture and nutrients. So as important as planting is, keeping it up is just as important.

I still haven't had tome to get my planting plan all done but I'm closer. It'll be finished today. Hopefully along with the turkey tractor and the arbour int he garden. I really need some of the perennials out of the greenhouse and into the garden right now. Tomatoes still need the warmth so they're fine to stay. The weather is supposed to be hot today, pushing 30. I'm gonna die! Then tomorrow is wet and stormy again. It's not bad weather to get crops in the ground.

Time to get up and at 'em!

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