Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Busy Week

Here at our place we're keeping VERY busy. We celebrated Canada Day on July 1st which is our countries birthday and got to watch fireworks without the massive crowd we're used to in Parksville. Also had activities around the neighbourhood so the girls and Steve went while I looked after chickens.

Out at the garden we've just completed perimeter fencing because the darn chickems were eating everything as soon as it sprouted. Everything except the potatoes that is. Now I am re-planting everything and hoping that it'll have a chance no the chickens are kept out. Today I planted radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, white onions and some garlic. It's really too late to plant garlic, or too early depending on the variety, but if I don't get it planted now it'll just die anyways. I'm going to do beets, cukes and carrots later and maybe also peas.

It might seem like we're planting late, and we are. But at the same time consider this:
-the weather will still be nice for 2+ months and most veggies mature in that time
-we can easily cover crops with a row cover if frost threatens
-we are just getting our winter veggies ready to go so they won't even be planted for a month or more yet
- and some veggies do better if they mature in cooler weather

The greenhouse is going to be watered tonight and it's supposed to rain so the gardens won't need any more moisture than that. I'm keeping the top couple of inches damp just because we're sprouting seeds but once they are established we'll only water deeply occasionally. It helps keep down the weeds also if we use drip or soaker hoses.

Got to run. Have a great day.

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  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    The info. about the chickens eating the sprouts sounds familiar. My little sister in Taipei has mice that enjoy her sprouts plus cucumbers and other goodies she grows. Now I don't know how to build a fence outside her window sill. Have any ideas?

    I am very thankful to call Canada my home. It really is a special place to live and I enjoy all the freedom and experiences it gives me and my children.

    Will be waiting to hear more from you as summer approaches.