Friday, July 13, 2012

Weekly Report July 13th 2012

The weeds are taking over! And it's been really hot (30+C) so I just don't feel like working out in the baking sun. But as soon as it cools down we'll be back at it.

Actually, we're very pleased that the rows we planted again are up and growing well so this weekend we're going to hoe out all the weeds, hill up the potatoes and move the drip hoses so that they're along side the plants we want to water. That's something good.

On a bad note, 2 more chickens died today. It's the heat, they just can't take it. Time to butcher them for sure! I miss my hybrid meat birds, way hardier! Still, it's good to work with what's local. Our birds are for the chop on Sunday afternoon (that's a polite way of saying we're going to butcher them) and then they'll be resting comfortably in the cool of our deep freeze. I'll give some to the Pedersens for their help looking after them and keep the rest.

The home garden is growing well. We're picking red oakleaf lettuce to eat already and things are growing! More beans are going in tomorrow so that'll be great and I'm planting beans in the flower bed too for some visual interest as well as a practical harvest. Things like coloured lettuces, beans, kale, tomatoes and peppers can thrive in flower beds that are usually close to a warm house. So why not add some variety and something colourful to your flower beds?

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