Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weed, Harvest & Re-Plant

Today it's a little cloudy though it promises to brighten up and be 26 C this afternoon. With this weather it seems like a good time to be out weeding the rows and moving drip hoses. With having to re-plant the rows (thanks to the chickens eating the seedlings) we've not got lovely green stripes in the garden of weeds but at least they're straight so getting them out with a hoe, rake and wheel hoe should be easier. We're going to make the transition from overhead watering with a sprinkler, we used this to help the seeds germinate, to drip hoses now that we can see where the rows are. And despite a few forays beyond the fence, the chickens have stayed out and let the seeds come up with just a few beans missing here and there.

Planting isn't done for the year either. We'll be getting ready to start our fall and winter crops soon and then once the main crops are done in the garden in August we'll be putting out all our started seeds plus more cool weather crops like peas and carrots, spinach and lettuce that can be directly seeded.

Another chore for this week is to build a trellis at the house for the beans and peas to climb up and a pea fence in the veggie garden, so I'd better get going and work!

...............................Later That Day...........

Hi Yes I"m back again. We've had a couple of good rain showers which is fantastic for the garden. A nice deep soaking is always a blessing. I got some weeding and hoeing done today plus a few more things planted and the stakes in place for the pea fence. Now I just need to attach the wire. I also had my friend Theo drop by to borrow something and he grabbed me a whole load of pallets on his way over. Like 15 of them or something, so the boys have no excuse for not stacking more firewood because they needed some way of keeping it off the ground and a pallet is great for that because it allows air to circulate under the bottom layer.  I'm also going to move all the hen houses and place them up on pallets so the floors stay drier which will help them last longer. Plus as an added bonus now I can make a better looking compost pile surrounded with pallets to keep the pile from spreading out as it gets piled higher. The rain today will have helped the pile enormously and I'm going to layer in some chicken house shavings and some tall green weeds. Should make for a nice hot pile and hopefully soon some lovely compost I can use in the greenhouse. There are some useful things any gardener can have that other people consider junk, and pallets and used tyres are two of them.

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