Friday, July 6, 2012

Re-planting The Garden

The garden is now fenced and with the chickens out and the rows planted again I'm hoping that we'll have some lovely rows to show you soon. The promised rain hasn't appeared so I turned the sprinkler on for a little while yesterday and gave the garden a soak to keep the seeds moist while they sprout (fingers crossed). The bees are doing well, and Steve's thinking of splitting our large hive this weekend before they get it into their head to swarm. He's also got to build some more boxes. The wheel hoe he made me is working out very well and we're running that up the rows before raking to remove more crab grass and weeds.

My Dad and his friend Russ just drove into the Valley in their U-Haul truck. They drove Calgary to Middleton, NS in 5 easy days of driving with a few stops along the way, leaving Sunday and arriving Thursday early afternoon. They said the roads weren't at all bad and they followed the same route as we did with the exception in Ontario where they took the northerly route and we went around Lake Superior and Saulte Ste Marie.

We're excited to see Russ's new place and to try catching some fish out of their lake. With Jordan's recent losing of his rod into the clear waters of Butler Lake (long story) he needs to redeem himself today and catch me some good trout! All the kids are coming up there and taking their swim gear so we'll have a lovely picnic lunch and BBQ. Steve will be home today so it's going to be a great day! I can't write for long, I've got to get going and get new tires installed on my van and potatoes done for salad later.

I have some good posts almost ready to go. But for now, here's a great 3 minute clip of a politician I really like, not because I always agree with what he says, but because he tells it like it is and actually worked for a living prior to being a politician unlike many of the other European Parliament members who come from lives of priviledge. He's like the 'Don Cherry' of the EP. Anyways, this little 3 minute rant is a year old, but makes some good points, and always makes me chuckle. Oh, and the pension amount he mentions of '98 quid a week' is approximately $155 dollars (US or CDN).

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