Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good morning. Sorry we didn't post yesterday. We had to help out with a funeral, then had Kung Fu class with Brian Mullen and by the time Steve got us picked up and home again it was nearly 4 so the day was pretty well shot. We're getting ready for church right now, well the kids are. I'm just sitting here typing and thinking about communication with teenagers. It's almost like a highly emotional second language you have to learn with some of them. Chris ticked me off yesterday because I asked to borrow back MY speakers for a couple of hours and he refused. I insisted so he bought them upstairs and dropped them on my living room floor in a pile. Needless to say, this did not make me very happy. He was sulking for the rest of the evening and I'm glad that his room is in the basement so I didn't have to listen to the snide remarks or evil looks. You'd think I'd done him some terrible wrong instead of asking for my speakers for 2 hours. Sheesh. And I was thinking htat after he came home from spending the night wiht the other youth that he'd be nice. But alas, it was not to be.

It's just one of the many trials of patience that we as parents are called to endure. And patience is not one of my strong suits. It might look like that to some people, but it's not true. One year I made the mistake of praying for more patience and let me tell you, that was one heck of a year filled with trials and experiences to teach me patience. I'll never pray for that again!

For some of us patience comes easy. And for some of us it doesn't. But we can all work at it and try to do a little better as tome goes on. It's like Brian Mullen said yesterday...first you start out being able to do 1 sit up. And in a month you can do 3 sit ups. Any gradual improvement is good.

I have a nasty headache so I'm going to lie down now and veg. And make plans to build a dog house. Steve got a job in the city doing small commercial appliance repairs and starts tomorrow. I'll explain it all in a post once my head clears. I can't believe it's hot and sunny today and late September, what a beautiful day!

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