Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Riding Lesson Report

Riding lessons are going well. The family that are giving us lessons are super nice and helpful and patient too which is a huge plus as we have different abilities in our family. It's tricky to find a balance between a newbie rider who is slow and deliberate and whose horse acts accordingly, and her sister who is ready to be trotting around the ring. Now that Jordan has joined in lessons it's even more complicated but it's gone pretty well for the last couple of lessons. Jordan has to remember to wear pants and he needs some boots with a heel, but apart from that he's ready to go. Thank goodness for Abby's adjustable helmet! Jordan has a big head and bog feet so at some point I'm going to have to get him his own stuff but hopefully second hand as new stuff is outrageously priced. I have to go to New Minas this morning for a meeting and will check out WalMart for some cheap boots in a size 11 for my big footed son. Heck, anything with a heel will do, just so his foot doesn't slip through the stirrups.

Both the girls are learning on an English saddle and it's good for their balance. Jordan however, used a western saddle yesterday. I didn't ask which he liked better but I'm sre he'll decide over time. It's good to be able to use both and know how they feel under different circumstances. Tina is letting him use her mare 'Fable'. She's a nice chestnut and white girl who listens and responds well so it's making things pretty easy for Jordan. Kate's horse 'Jon Boy' is still protective of her and getting her comfortable. He'd be a great therapeutic riding horse. Kate wanted to trot yesterday but he just refused to do it. When he thinks she's ready, I know it will happen.

We also had a few of the girls friends come with us. I think that if they are going to come once a week that we'll have to get the barn rules enforced and have everyone paying attention. Most of the kids were good but one of them just isn't a great listener so now I know I'll have to watch her more closely. I'm just used to my own kids and enjoy the time we have in the barn with them. It was mucking day yesterday so before they could een go out and get the ponies and horses we had some cleaning to do...what a nice way to introduce the other friends to the delights of horses. Kate was totally grossed out but got it done. Same with Meghan....but Jordan is the king. He just got in there, scraped, shoveled and off he went to dump the wheelbarrow. No complaints. I think he's enjoying riding lessons more than he's letting on.

Steve and I drove out to look at a property which is basically in the middle of Nova Scotia, in Cherryfield. We saw a rainbow reflecting the setting sun and a lovely autumn sunset as we drove. Cherryfield is an hour from our current home in the valley. The house sits on about 30 acres, has a well and septic and is for sale for $37,000. Sound like a steal? Well picture this...the roof comes to a gentle peak about 2 feet taller than the top of the walls so you can't tell from some angles that is even has a peaked roof, and it's got a lot of water damage and neglect showing in the fact that the water has wrecked the ceilings and floors on both levels, ceiling tiles are falling down, mold is everywhere.....reminds me of our house in Hilliers when we first started. It might be salvageable if the outside walls are still ok, but it would mean a real demolition job to strip it down to the studs. The only virtues are the land and the services already in place. But I think it's a bit far out for a family with active kids, and we haven't walked the entire property yet either. We're more about the land than the house. A house can be made bigger and better. Land can be made better to some degree too, but it's hard to make it bigger, more level, or face a different direction :) Since we have no money left and Steve is not working it's sort of a moot point as we can't get anything anyways. But it's still nice to dream and see what the possibilities are. Maybe it could be a summer house?

Gotta run. Kate's lost the hairbrush again and the bus will be here in 2 minutes. Meghan and Jordan are both home sick today. Hope you are well.


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