Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Today has been interesting. We had to go to New Minas beause of my Welcome Wagon meeting, picked up Jordan some gum boots (wellies) in a size 11 (big smelly feet that boy has) and some odour blocking insoles for the aforementioned affliction. I also got some fairy wings at the dollar store in advance of Halloween. Maybe we girls will all go as fairies this year. Not sure yet but spent $4 anyways. Then a nice fall afternoon drive west down the 101 to home via the post office. Nobody loves me...there was no mail except the healthcare for the rest of the family. I can't get Medical coverage in NS without a permanent resident card which I've never had because I've been here too long. Sigh. Another way the gov't is getting more $$$ from me, making me get another piece of ID.

The nurse from our insurance company is coming over to take blood from Steve this afternoon and then doing a physical. Hopefully that all goes well.

I bought and promptly read all of my friend Shannons new book. So much for enjoying and making it last...nope...read it all in one sitting. It's a good job the next book will be out soon. I found it on Amazon for 99 cents, downloaded their free Kindle application for my MacBook and then downloaded the book. It's simple and easy to do and there are lots of public domain books you can load for nothing, or so I've heard. And I like the idea of getting a book for a buck and having it right away. Then if it's one I really like I can always get a paper copy later.

Ding Dong...That's probably the nurse now.

Hi again. Yes, that was the nurse. She did all his physical , took some blood samples and recorded an ECG. He has a pulse so that's good. Now we wait to hear about his life insurance rates. Hopefully it's preferred and so cheaper.

The main thing we have to get done this week is to get Steve a job. And I need to get back into finishing my book so I can sell lots of copies and make some $$$. Then I'll have more time for farming and writing a second and third book. That's the plan anyways. There's so much work involved in writing a book and getting it published but I'll just keep plodding along. I also want to enhance the blog with some pics so I downloaded some off my phone and will get them in over the next day or two.

Have a lovely evening.


  1. You don't need a Permanent Resident card to get health care here in Nova Scotia, you just need your landing/immigration papers from when you first entered Canada. I got health care here earlier this year. They asked for the PR card, but I told them I didn't have one, so they used my other documents instead.

  2. Unfortunately I don't have those old pieces of paper either. The last remaining copies were turned in when my folks became citizens years ago. At the time I could not afford to get my Canadian citizenship and when I could finally come up with the money I couldn't apply because I was separated. Apparently you must be either single,married or divorced, not in limbo. So I'm going to have to see about applying for an old IMM1000 and pay my $30. Then I'm going to see about just getting my citizenship.