Monday, September 5, 2011

Labour Day

It's Monday September 5th, Labour Day. Unlike many Canadian towns and cities, here there isn't a single store open except the convenience stores. No shopping even in the Malls or the big box stores. It was supposed to be inclement weather but so far it's a beautiful slightly windy day so as soon as Steve is up I'm gonna wash linens and get them out on the line for a few hours. I've got to find the school supplies I have stashed somewhere too so that the kids are ready for school on Tuesday.

Steve was sick last night from something he ate but is happily sleeping now, it's nearly 10am. I think we'll have an easy family day and then figure something to do for Chris' birthday. The kids are playing computer games as we speak so I'm just going to let them veg until lunchtime.

Yep...just a lazy day. Maybe we'll go for a drive and explore somewhere else today. Or nap, that sounds good too.

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