Sunday, September 11, 2011

Books I Recommend

I was thinking about you all, and what I could post as an uplifting message given that this is a special Sunday, marking the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 bombings in the US.

So I thought about it...and nothing spectacular came to mind.

Only the thoughts that I am so very glad to live in a free country in a time when as a woman I have more opportunities than any other time in our history. I'm very grateful. There's a wonderful book called 'North to Freedom' by Anne Holm which I recommend as reading for young adults and adults alike. it makes you see all the wonders we take for granted and is a truly heart warming story. There is also a movie based on this novel called 'I Am David' that's available on Netflix. Well worth watching.

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir will have a special program tomorrow called 'Rise Above' and the link for more info is here. I'm going to try and catch it after church.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and take some time to appreciate even one thing you have in your life that you take for granted most of the time.

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