Sunday, September 4, 2011

For The Strength of Youth

We has a great time at the church corn boil with our great friends the Mullen family who put on a really good BBQ for us all. Thanks guys!

And we went to the Tremont Fair.

Watching the ox teams and the draft horse pulls was really great so next year I'm going to stay longer. It was nice to see the children involved in their little projects. And while we might be tempted to dismiss the childrens projects as 'cute' but not really of much worth, we'd be wrong. We often overlook the contributions of our children and youth instead of realizing the great potential we could nurture in them. Be they our own children or those around us, we can make a difference in the life and self-esteem of a child. Instead of worrying where the world is heading we should have faith in the youth and give them the support and encouragement they need to realize good for themselves and others. It's a hard world to live in and to be righteous in. They need to know they can count on us for help and for strength when times get tough. Not every one of them will accomplish big things but a multitude of little things can change the world too.

I hope you enjoyed this message. Our youngest daughter Meghan has turned 8 years old and as such has made the decision to be baptized into the Latter Day Saint church. Her baptism is this evening so I won't be posting until tomorrow. Have a wonderful Sunday!

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