Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gated Community

Well, probably not the kind of gated community you're thinking of. We're seeing lots of tire tracks from people driving through our new property and I'm thinking that putting up a temporary gate might not be a bad idea. Just 2 posts with a swinging gate that says "yes, somebody owns this place now". While we certainly welcome fishermen, I'm not sure other people need to be driving through with vehicles.

The grass is now several feet tall and in need of a good chewing down. So I places an ad on Kijiji offering free grazing pasture if someone wanted to bring in some animals and come eat it down a bit. I might as well make it useful, right? And who knows...maybe I'll make a new friend. We're also going to plow out a half acre near the bottom in our best land and put up a small greenhouse. But the thing we're most excited to do is to put in a pumpkin garden. We're going to invite all the children at church and their families to come for a picnic and make a marker for their pumpkins and then plant some seeds. In the fall we'll have a pumpkin harvesting party to celebrate our first Harvest. It's just a small and simple way of giving something back to the community, and you're all welcome! Planting day will be June 9th at noon, tentatively.

I've got to get to the bank and pay my bills so I'll write more later.

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