Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wet Wednesday

It's raining today. Not a downpour, but enough to keep me out of the garden for the most part. I've got some fencing to finish around our town garden beside our house and a few seeds to get in the ground, but apart from that I'm staying inside today and getting the house cleaned instead. The rain is good for the gardens and lawns though so I'm content to let mother nature water instead of me, she does such a better job!

Spring is always a time of hit and miss as far as work in the garden goes. So much to get done. Fencing, tilling, planting, weeding. But on the wet days it's good to be able to take a break and relax. As soon as summer gets here the weeding will become a daily task because the long warm days encourage the weeds as much as the veggies. As much as I'm chomping at the bit to get really growing for the season, I know it's better to wait and get some things in once the ground is thoroughly warmed. Corn, melons, tomatoes, these either have to be in a greenhouse or planted out in June/July. This weekend once the tilling is done though I'm getting my lettuce and salad crops in as well as the leeks, herbs, flowers, potatoes and a few other things. I've got some mint plants to divide so I'm going to root them later today and my Christmas cactus is blooming again so I'll re-pot my houseplants but not that one, I'll wait until it's done flowering in a few weeks. I've got some tomato plants ready for larger pots too and some intended for the porch so I'll get those potted up at the same time. Might as well do that indoors on a day like today.

Well, off to command children, do laundry and scrub the bathrooms and kitchen before taking the girls to their class at church tonight. Hope you're having fun!

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