Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Long Weekend Is Over

It's back to a more normal life for us, though we had a great weekend!

On Friday Steve and I enjoyed a quiet night at the cottage, just the two of us. Ahh...peace and tranquility.

Saturday we came back to town, did some errands and calls, bought supplies for the weekend BBQ, had a great time at the church playing outdoor games and eating a turkey dinner with our kids and friends. Then we went back to the cottage with the kids and the dog.

Sunday morning I woke up at 3 and could never get back to sleep again, I guess I was just excited. At about 6am I went fishing with Chris and Jordan, but due to a slight accident I stayed on shore while they had a great time and Jordan caught his first fish, a small mouth bass. Dad and Janet arrived with no problems, we had a terrific visit and then left them to get some sleep while we headed back to town.

Monday we ran some errands, found out that the ignition coil on the tiller is bad, picked up some fishing tackle, and headed back to the cottage for lunch and an afternoon of fun. Dad took the boys out in the boat and Steve and I took the canoe out. I got way more nibbles on my new fake grub bait that the boys did but it was afternoon and not a great time of day for fishing. Still, time fishing is never time wasted. We all had fun together and a friendly competition ensued on the way back to the dock from the far side of the lake...Yes my friends, Steve and I paddling a canoe are faster than 3 people in a boat with a motor and 2 teenagers paddling like mad :) The girls and Janet made jewelry and they're sleeping over right now, no doubt having a great time.

Today we're having lunch and dinner here in town and we'll take them around and show then some of the sights of this part of the valley, plus of course our property. It'll be nice to see them again before we let them have some personal time. Steve is headed back to the city for work and I am cleaning house for the morning then heading out with my parents to explore the area. I want to show them Nictaux Falls and maybe head over to the Fundy coast or Annapolis Royal.

Gotta run. Hope you're having a good day! Oh and for a farming update, the hens are now laying, the meat king chicks are here and growing like weeds, and we still don't have the garden tilled.

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