Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wood Cookstove

This is our new Enterprise wood cookstove. We're collecting it on Sunday afternoon and bringing it back to the house for some restoration. The enamel looks to be in good shape and with the help of our wonderful friend Dan who is a welder we hope to be able to repair a crack in the cast iron top, but it's very tricky to repair or weld cast iron so we'll have to see. It will be totally up to the professionals to let us know. However, for a small investment in new fire bricks for the firebox and the repair of the crack, we can hopefully have a working cookstove for our new home when the time comes. One of the beauties of having a home to live in right now is that we can acquire necessary things as we go and get a good deal on them. Our investment in this stove will be approximately:

$30   gas to go collect it.
$100 for welding rod and labour
$30   for fire bricks
$20   Sanding wheels to grind down the top and remove rusty spots before we season it again.

Total Cost Estimate = $180

Cost of a new cookstove = $5500+

There is an extra cost for chimney and stove pipe but the cost is the same whether for an old stove or a new one. We'll need a steel liner in a masonry chimney or an insulated steel pipe and collars depending on how we decide to install the stove.

So with luck and a lot of labour we will have a working cookstove that will be useful in the house or in the workshop as a source of wood heat. It's great to be able to make something like this useful again and this particular stove is from the Enterprise-Fawcett foundry that's here in the Maritimes, in Sackville New Brunswick. They recently had a fire and so are not currently working I don't think.

In other news...we paid our first mortgage payment yesterday, one of our cats is 20 feet up a maple tree in the front yard and meowing like mad (yes it's Suzie again) and the parts we need to repair the tiller, the ignition coil and something else I don't remember, have arrived 1 day after we ordered them. Hooray! And the timing is great because I have to go out today and was afraid I'd miss the delivery guy. Ahhh, the week is getting better.

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