Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rain is Coming

Well the long weekend will be here soon and so of course we're all keeping a close eye on the weather. It looks like today will be wet starting at lunchtime and ending the same time tomorrow. It really evens out the daytime and nighttime temperatures here when it rains, for example the temperature here at 7am is 16 degrees with a daytime high today of 18. Overnight tonight the low will be about 14 unless the weather clears significantly. The rain is good news for those berry bushes we planted and the tomatoes and roses that are in the garden. Maybe even my lawn will get greener.

Plans for the weekend are to stay at the cottage Friday, attend the family fun day at church on Saturday afternoon and then go back to the cottage for the evening and wait for Dad and Janet to get there on Sunday evening. Sounds like fun doesn't it? We'll fit in a few other service calls and chores, but it should be a fun weekend and hopefully relaxing too.


Jordan's Birthday was yesterday but after everything else we had going on, we all fell exhausted into bed without cake. So today Jordan got his birthday wish, a machete, and cut his cake with it. Gross, but it's what he wanted. Don't worry, I made him wash it first and after. He's finished all his track and field events so now he's just going to chill for the weekend.

I had another incredibly hectic day and just got home from putting the chickens to bed and the book club meeting, which was great. This past month we read The Silent Governess by Julie Klassen, a really nice story. Can't wait to see what's chosen for next month. SO many good books on our list!

And now I'm pooped so I'm going to bed! Good night all!

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